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 Gold Program for Teens 30 hours of classroom plus 8 hours in-vehicle driving training. Meets the state’s minimum training requirements. Observation not required. **This program is restricted to Loyola Academy students only.** $575.00  
 Platinum Program for Teens 30 hours of classroom plus 10 hours of in-vehicle training (not private). Platinum Program students receive TEN hours of behind the wheel training and do not have to observe. $675.00  
 In-Vehicle Mentoring Teens – 2 Hours Teens Only - 2 hours of in-vehicle training with a certified Top Driver instructor. Fitting for evaluation of skills or to introduce fundamental skills. --------- *Teen students may complete lessons in one or two hour increments. *Adult students will receive lesson which is 2 hours in length **first $90.00 is nonrefundable $120.00  
 In-Vehicle Mentoring Teens – 6 Hours Teens Only - DRIVING LESSONS where we'll provide 6 hours of in-car training with a certified Top Driver instructor. We'll introduce you to hands-on driving, work to develop necessary skills and improve your driving confidence. You can schedule driving appointments in 1 or 2 hour appointments. Appropriate for beginning drivers. Call to schedule these driving lessons 1.800.374.8373. $325.00  
 In-Vehicle Mentoring Teens – 8 Hours Teens Only - 8 hours of in-vehicle driving training with a certified Top Driver instructor. Most comprehensive - we'll introduce you to driving, build upon each lesson and work to develop key skills. Teens: this will meet the state's licensing requirements if you took classroom instruction somewhere else and need to take only the driving portion with Top Driver.  $399.00  
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