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Our Top Driver program is conducted from St. Joseph's High School located at 10900 W. Cermak Westchester, IL 60154. If you live in "60154" Top Driver can pick you up from home for your driving lessons. You do not have to attend St. Joseph High School to enroll in this program. *NON-Student pricing: Silver Program $495.00 / Gold Program $570.00
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 Silver Program for Teens 30 hours of classroom plus TWELVE hours in the vehicle, six driving and six sitting in the backseat observing. Meets state’s minimum training requirements. $375.00  
 Gold Program for Teens Preferred Program - 30 hours of classroom + 8 hours of in-vehicle training. Gold Program students are not required to complete observation because they will complete 8 driving lessons rather than the minimum which is 6. Gold Program students are not required to observe another student driver however these lessons are not private. **Students do not have to attend St Joseph's High School in order to enroll in a Top Driver program** $450.00  
 Platinum Program for Teens 30 hours of classroom plus 10 hours of in-vehicle training. Platinum Program students receive TEN hours of behind the wheel training and do not have to observe. $550.00  
 In-Vehicle Mentoring Teens – 2 Hours Teens Only - 2 hours of in-vehicle training with a certified Top Driver instructor. Fitting for evaluation of skills or to introduce fundamental skills. --------- *Teen students may complete lessons in one or two hour increments. *Adult students will receive lesson which is 2 hours in length **first $90.00 is nonrefundable $120.00  
 In-Vehicle Mentoring Teens – 6 Hours Teens Only - DRIVING LESSONS where we'll provide 6 hours of in-car training with a certified Top Driver instructor. We'll introduce you to hands-on driving, work to develop necessary skills and improve your driving confidence. You can schedule driving appointments in 1 or 2 hour appointments. Appropriate for beginning drivers. Call to schedule these driving lessons 1.800.374.8373. $325.00  
 In-Vehicle Mentoring Teens – 8 Hours Teens Only - 8 hours of in-vehicle driving training with a certified Top Driver instructor. Most comprehensive - we'll introduce you to driving, build upon each lesson and work to develop key skills. Teens: this will meet the state's licensing requirements if you took classroom instruction somewhere else and need to take only the driving portion with Top Driver.  $399.00  
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